Flights! Cameras! Action!

With the annual return of the Ospreys to Scotland, the cameras are once more focussed onto the nests.  The Ospreys have returned to Scotland at Loch Garten, Loch of the Lowes and to Loch Arkaig on the West.   And the wildlife cameras operated by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust and RSPB that have been busy in the winter watching the local wildlife are now once again firmly fixed on the Osprey Nests.

Watch what’s happening from your desk or screen.

RSPB Loch Garten

Loch of the Lowes

Loch Arkaig

Born in the Borders

Tweed Valley Ospreys

There are also other wildlife cameras around the country – the Scottish Wildlife Trust has cameras at the Falls of Clyde, at the Montrose Basin and a Squirrel Cam too.

We would love to hear of other wildlife cameras that we could feature.  Please let us know by sending an email to